Teenager Life

Teenage is a period of one’s life where new vistas are opening up for them. Activities which were taboo for him a few years back are now sanctioned, as he has grown up. This results in additional awareness and is one of the positive advantages of being a teenager.
After I became a teenager, I was given the freedom of going to and coming back from school on my own. To make it easier, my parents presented me with a racing cycle, an object which was coveted by me, ever since I saw one of my friends, who had once, coming to my house on it. Earlier, my parents considered me too young to utilize it properly and father has strict principles on not wasting money frivolously on material not needed. I used to pray for time to pass soon and make me older and eligible for the cycle.
The advantage of growing to a teenager is that, one is more confident about himself. Instead of depending on his parents to have things done for him, he knows he can do it himself.
teenager life
The freedom that one achieves, in his movements outside the house, like going to one’s friends or out with friends, makes one feel like adults.
The negative part of this self instilled confidence is that whenever we go out we are asked to get something or the other from the market. Thus even when we are not going towards the market at all, any ‘no’ on our part is met with stern warnings and threats, which may end up with loss of pocket money or more severe punishments.
This is not applicable to the older ones who have crossed over from teens to adulthood, nor are they applicable to the pre-teens as they are too young to be ordered.
We teenagers are the scapegoats for all pranks played by our juniors or seniors. In most cases we suffer the consequences and it is too late before we are allowed explanations.
If we blame the older ones, we are tattling and if we blame the juniors, we are supposed to be taking advantage of them.
Even in school we are not the protected ones any more. Expected to be able to fend for ourselves, we are subjected to bullying of all sorts by the senior college students, any complaints results in a reprimand followed by you are a grown up body from our teachers and Principal. With the prevailing atmosphere of violence, even over smallĀ  things, on the campus, we are left bewildered at what beholds the future.
Another problem of growing up and being a teenager is that we have graduated from the smaller things of life. Our expectations have also grown and we are not easily satisfied. Our demands in most cases are not fulfilled leaving us, at this age, with a sense of frustration.
Expectations are also high from us and besides the fact that we are expected to do well in studies, even in subjects forced on us ( there are several we are not interested in ) we are also shackled with problems and responsibilities.
The other and brighter side of the picture is our awareness of the beautiful things of life. As a teenager we suddenly realize that the same girl next door, who has been my playmate all these years, has suddenly blossomed into a pretty young girl. He previous deformities ( at least in my eyes ) like buckteeth and pimples, have disappeared like a miracle. She is now poised and intelligent, instead of the spoil-sport earlier.
From her view point, the same boy who used to play pranks on her and pull her pony tail has transformed into a more considerate person. Instead of the kid trying to act smart, he is actually becoming an intelligent person.
The mutual attraction between the two makes the world a better and more beautiful place to live in . This single major happening in the life of a teenager makes him forget his frustration and he finds his responsibilities more tolerable.
Life as a teenager, is not so bad after all.

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