The use of best earphones

Hi this is raunchy we’ll be doing the review for this JBL be 158 and these are budget oriented your phones and they also have integrated microphone. And the best thing is that it does not cost a lot and the sound quality is actually nothing short of amazing considering the price. . And it […]

Old Man and Child

Every morning while going to school, I came across a child nearly my age, singing on the road with an old man playing the harmonium. The striking feature was that whereas other such singers on the road usually sing popular Hindi feature film songs, this boy was always singing hymns praising the Lord Almighty.   […]

Teenager Life

Teenage is a period of one’s life where new vistas are opening up for them. Activities which were taboo for him a few years back are now sanctioned, as he has grown up. This results in additional awareness and is one of the positive advantages of being a teenager.   After I became a teenager, […]